Just another day in..

Yesterday was truly a fabulous day all around.
Just a bunch of small (and Large) good things happened all in a row!
The day started off as usual, getting the kids up and ready for school. I finally got a chance to shower and pray.
I always say my prayers after I shower because it is the only time that I have alone…..really.
So anyway, I was saying prayer and I decided that I would just be thankful, and not ask for anything…for once. I know that I have so much, and I know that Heavenly Father already knows what I need each day, just like I know what my kids need. It was nice to think about, and thank Him for everything.
I left the bathroom, and was confronted with this

ummmm….yeah….that is my 10 year old. He had just done the Rubik’s Cube. He has been watching a guy on youtube, learned the algorithms, and can do the cube!!
I was home with 5 little boys for a few hours. They were noisy, messy, and whiny. For a minute I sat there thinking that impaling myself with sharp objects would be more fun, I had to stop and just be thankful that they are all healthy enough to be annoying.
In the afternoon I got this–

It was a total surprise, and it made me cry!! I haven’t had a serger for about 12-14 years. And listen to this:

Can you imagine how easy serging could be if you didn’t have to thread the machine? Look no further than the Imagine – Baby Lock’s most popular serger. This advanced home serger includes Jet-Air Threading™, which threads the lower loopers with the touch of a lever, and Automatic Thread Delivery to thread in any order.

The day ended with teaching a purse class- always fun, and good reports from all teachers at Parent-Teacher Conferences.

Just another day in paradise!


10 thoughts on “Just another day in..

  1. A bit of more info to make your day even brighter. My daughter sent me photos of the Holi festival in Nepal. As I was reading up on it I came across this: One of the most famous activities is throwing water balloons to each other also called Lola(meaning water balloon). So there ya go Ms. Water Balloon!


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