Sunday dress

I made a new wrap around skirt to go with the cute shirt I made the day before.

I wore it to church today because the sun was shining.


when we left….there was 4″ of snow on the ground

and it was still falling.

I made my teen take my pic, and tried to find a good before weightloss picture.

Unfortunatley, I didn’t let anyone take pictures of me then because I hated to look at them. So, you get this goofy picture of my head again. I think you get the idea though.
I’m hoping to get my hair cut off into a pixie, and dyed red with blonde highlights for the summer.

ps. My 4 year old told me that I look “Handsome” today. I thought that was sweet.


22 thoughts on “Sunday dress

  1. I thought you looked hansome myself. I love the dress a LOT and I even got to see it in person. It’s cuter in real life and you are skinnier in real life. (not this fake stuff:)


  2. A serger is like a gluegun, once you have it you wondered what you ever did without it!So what is the weightloss tally? I miss the graphic. I’m a visual kind of gal.You look beautiful and ready for spring.


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