Our new addition

After months of stress and wonder
the big day is finally here!!
Monday we welcomed a new addition to our family.
We were hoping that she would arrive earlier,
but we are thankful that she is here and safe.
I’d like to introduce you to….

my lovely Dritz Ms. Venus girls dress form (size 6-8).

Unfortunatly she doesn’t have a first name yet…..

and since Shasta has joint custody of her, we are having a contest here to help us find the perfect name for our baby girl!


7 thoughts on “Our new addition

  1. Congratulations! A PINK dress form! I am so JEALOUS! That is the ultimate. I could not find a pink one, but I remember how terribly happy I was when a good African friend of mine searched town to find me a dress form she could afford! I will treasure it always and dress my brown dress form in lots of pink! Hope she brings you as much joy as mine did! (My husband still does not understand why a dress form can make me so happy!)


  2. My mother had a dress form. She was a school teacher and was the advisor for the Latin club. Induction for the club was at our home. My older brother who was in the club, I was nine years younger, was in the house, selling “peeks” at Mom for a dime. That wasn’t cheap back then. So in her memory, I’ll suggest our nickname for her ‘Trude – short for Gertrude and No, that wasn’t even her name.


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