I am so thankful that all of my blog friends are not SCANT on their GENEROSITY!
I was trying so hard to come up with the opposite of scant, and all I could come up with was
obese, fat, super-sized, grande.
None of these words is quite right for a Generous 1/2″ seam allowance.
This last week I have been patterning and sewing like crazy! We have deadline for getting our patterns photographed, and printed up. I have to get the samples done by Monday.
They are so cute that I can’t stand it!
And the Urban Diaper Bag has turned out better than I ever dreamed. I hope that it will wow everyone!
Now I have to start getting the instructions in order, and understandable, for printing. Easier said than done for sure.
Spring Break starts tomorrow, and we are leaving for a family vacation Thursday.
(I hate to say that I dread tomorrow, but have you ever spent the day before vacation with 6 kids??? They will be driving me nutty ALL DAY!)

2 thoughts on “Grande!

  1. That is so exciting! I can’t wait to see the patterns and the samples!! All your cute girly stuff you’ve done so far makes me want my own little girl….

    Have fun on your vacay! Try not to get too crazy tomorrow with all those kids! haha


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