A Money Making Idea

Today, as we loaded up our Suburban for the annual road trip, Lego Hair Man had a few surprises in store for me.

About 15 minutes into the drive, when the kids were into their movie (with their headphones on) he popped a MIX TAPE into the tape player.


a Mix tape!

And not just any Mix tape, but the one he made for the night we got engaged!

It was great to hear all of the songs that he had picked like;

Lady in Red by Chris de Burgh,
Hands to Heaven by Breathe,
Somebody by Depeche Mode,
Hold on the the Night by Richard Marx,
Forever Young by Alphaville,
Have You Seen Her by Mc Hammer (heh heh)
We laughed, we cried, we reminisced! Ahh romance!
When that tape was over he had another surprise….
our Wedding Mix Tape!!
All of the “old technology” got us talking about the good old times.
Remember when you bought a 45 at the Record store, and it always had one really awesome song, on side A, and one totally Lame song on side B? Good times!

Have you ever tried to explain what a record is, to your kids, and the only explaination that works is, ” It is like a giant black CD, and it had songs on BOTH sides!!!”

During this intellectual conversation I had the greatest idea! I think that when you pay to download a really great song you should get a free download of a really crappy one (like it is side B of your 45) . I’m not going to persue that one….feel free to take that one to the bank yourself. You’re welcome!

Another Great Song From Engagement Mix Tape!
(I like to imagine that Lego and I are the Hot Dancing Couple!)


12 thoughts on “A Money Making Idea

  1. Way cool!

    I have been looking through our old LPs for “treasures” lately, and I found out that the real money is in old 45s! Mint condition 45s, of course, since there are so few of them left. We all abused ours.


  2. How romantic, what a lovely idea but my kids would ask what a tape was never mind a 45.

    Can you tell me who the group are in the video.

    M and I are hoping to be that hot couple at our anniversary party in May just a few weeks left of dance classes.

    Joanne x

    Have a great trip.


  3. How funny. Records. And it was big deal to finally have the record player that you could stack records on and they would drop when the prior record was finished playing. I’m old.

    Lovely sentiments by the plastic-haired one. Wherever did he get that romantic idea?! He must really love you!

    Have a great trip! (Thank God for headsets and electronic gadgets…how ever did our parents suffer the children on gadgetless road trips back in the day?


  4. Wow soooo romantic!!

    Love “Melt with You”, in highschool P.E. we had to create and perform an aerobics routine and that is the song my group chose to use! HAHAHA It always makes me think of that.


  5. Oh my goodness! We used to make mix tapes all of the time. I remember waiting ever so patiently for the radio dude to stop talking to push record before one of my favorite songs began on the radio! I should break those out! Enjoy your trip!


  6. Used to make many, many a mix tape, and now have a gazillion mix CDs! And “Somebody” has special significance to me, too — I can’t even listen to it anymore or I’ll break down into a weepy heap of nostalgia.


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