Say Hello to……

Have you ever been on vacation and had one of those perfect days? Kids behaved perfectly, everything went as planned, baby didn’t scream too much at bedtime?

Ever wake up at 12:00am with a searing pain in your abdomen, burning-constant pain that you can’t find relief from? Then did it spread to your back too? For 4 hours? Then magically the pain was completely gone? Yeah! Me Too.

I’ve never had a Gall bladder problem before……I think I might have one now. Anyone know anything about Gallstones? ( I only know that my Grandma had some in a jar in her buffet!)


19 thoughts on “Say Hello to……

  1. Are you positive it’s gallstones? I had some pain in my abdomen, it went away (think appendix bursting and trying to kill me). Then I thought I’d pulled a muscle in my lower back, it killed for days. Then the two pains decided to join forces, then I got a bladder infection, and then finally found out I had a very large kidney stone. And that pain would come and go for hours at a time. Finally went to the hospital, got 11 shots of morphine (no exaggeration), had it pulverized, and passed it. No more problems and it came for absolutely no reason.


  2. I was going to say Kidney Stones as well. I have had them several times and it sounds just like it. Might want to get it checked out to see which one it is for sure. Kidney stones are NO fun.


  3. I have had both. For the gall stones, the pain was right under my breast bone. Hurts like heck! There is no relief, and the only way I could find relief was to stand in a HOT shower for an hour. Kidney stones (4times) for me hurt on my side under my ribes. I couldn’t hold still because the pain was SO bad.
    Hope you feel better and are able to enjoy your vacation.:)


  4. I used to get those attacks all the time when I lost weight. They were exactly like that. The doctor told me my system was not used to the fat, so I had to ease back into it. I had them for about a year, but I haven’t had them for a long time. But yeah that is exactly how it feels, I remember waking up in the middle of the night and wishing someone would just shoot me! horrible…I’m sorry!


  5. I had gallbladder surgery a few years ago – it was day surgery, and I didn’t even need any pain medication once I was out of the hospital – I told hubby that if he ever had to have surgery, that was a good one to “pick”, because it was so easy to get through 😀

    I don’t remember the pain spreading to my back, but one of the symptoms was a really strong feeling of restlessness while the pain was occurring – nothing could “settle” me. My SIL reported the same unsettled symptom, and ended up needing the surgery as well!

    You definitely should get this checked out by a doctor, especially if you have more painful bouts!


  6. My gall bladder pain was right in the center of my chest through to my back, usually happened in the evening, lasted for hours until I finally could fall asleep exhausted. Abdominal pain sounds like something different.

    Go to the doc!


  7. I suffered with gall bladder pain for 2 and a half years before I was finally diagnosed and had surgery. It started right after my oldest daughter was born and the doctor thought I had strained my diaphragm during delivery. Since I suffer from back pain anyway I just thought it was all related to my back. Then finally the pain got so bad my husband took me to the emergency room and the doctor noticed I was jaundice. They did blood work and then sent me to an internist. He asked me two questions, which might sound gross, but here they are. One was “have your bowel movements been clay colored” and the other was “has your urine been tea colored”. I answered yes to both and he said it was my gall bladder, that I had passed a gall stone and that would explain the extensive pain. He sent me for an ultra sound and then to a surgeon. That was 20 years ago and they did the surgery by cutting me wide open and I was in the hospital for 4 days. It’s nice the way they do it now and you are released the same day.
    Hope this helps!
    Have a Blessed Day,


  8. I am thinking abdominal pain is definitely a “go to the doctor” kind of thing (after all the clinic reports I’ve been doing in school, it is a fairly common and somewhat serious issue). Hope you get feeling better!


  9. I believe you need to check with your doctor and possible to a ultrasound exam. But if it’s reall gallstones you will have to operate. My best friend had surgery to remove them. The took out just the stones and not the gallbladder. Best to avoid fat food (as in fried or with too much oil). Good luck and hope this can be solved really quickly and easy.


  10. I have had gallstones and kidney infections. Both awfully painful! Kidney pain is lower in my back by my hips. The gallstone pain for me was right under my ribs and radiating to the back.

    We were in the process of packing up our house to move states and I would have an attack in the middle of the night and somehow lived through it. When I had one during the day I went to the urgent care clinic. They medicated me and had me get an ultrasound the next day to confirm it was gallstones. My doc said I could go on a strict lowfat diet or get surgery. I had surgery. (lowfat what???) The procedure is simple — same day affair for me. Recovery wasn’t so easy. I was pretty useless for a week. I couldn’t pick up my small infant and I couldn’t lift things so moving was not a fun experience.

    Go see a doctor! It’s no fun living with pain.


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