Up to my Eyeballs!

Do you know how many hours it takes to write the instructions for a pattern?

Well, if you want people to be able to understand your instructions, it takes a lot. I am up to my eyeballs in pattern instructions!

I have been working on the instructions for the “Urban Diaper Bag“, and the “Macy Giggles” sundress, for about a week. I feel like I have another weeks worth of work, but I need to have them done by this weekend. STRESS!!

Anyway!! I was wondering if any of you would mind sharing with me the things that you like, and dis-like about patterns and their instructions.

*Is there a line of patterns that you love/hate, and why? *

*What do you find more helpful- lots of words, or lots of illustrations? *

*What kind of patterns are you looking for?*

Hopefully I will be back to funny sewing escapades soon.

It is only 3 weeks until Quilt Market in Pittsburgh! WHEW-HEW!


16 thoughts on “Up to my Eyeballs!

  1. Illustrations are good, I love to sew Vogue patterns because they cater to the experienced seamstress. I think it depends on who your target buyer is…experienced or novice?


  2. As a novice but detail-oriented sewer, I prefer a lot of pictures. The terms are sometimes confusing, but I can usually look them up in my “sewing bible” or online. But the pictures really help me understand what is meant by the words.

    Happy writing. Good luck!


  3. Quilt Market, you lucky bum! Can’t wait to see those photos!!

    As for patterns, I’m a visual person so I like illustrations. Mostly if I can see it I can sort it out in my head and that makes it easier for me. I don’t have an opinion about patterns since I havven’t used many beyond the typical Simplicity dress patterns:)

    Good luck, hope it all starts to settle itself out:)


  4. Hi Lola! I am back in circulation again. Great timing as I am pattern hunting at the moment and getting very frustrated! Herewith my comments on your questions:

    I really like Amy Butler patterns although I sometimes have to read them several times before I understand them. Regarding commercial patterns my favorite is New Look and Sew Easy for clothing. I do hate the crappy paper the patterns come in though. I really dislike patterns that must be enlarged as this is so expensive to do. I prefer patterns that flow over several pages and you can glue the pages together. Most handbag patterns I have bought are really easy to understand.

    I prefer illustrations any day to lots of words. I find that although I understand the words I take longer to make something if there are no pictures, or I don’t buy it!

    Bag patterns are always a favorite of mine. All yours so far are great so keep them coming! But, as all crafters out there, I also dabble in other sewing like dome decor, clothing, etc. At the moment I am on a mission to sew some clothing for myself. I can find a million skirt patterns but tops and blouses seem to be in short supply. I would of course also prefer patterns that I can purchase online and download as posting is expensive and takes so LONG!


  5. I definately like illustrations also. The Amy Butler stuff I have made is pretty easy to understand, and very professional looking. Your mystery bag instructions were superb, so I expect your patterns will be also.


  6. i like patterns that use good illustrations and use the words to tell exactly what you are looking at…(as opposed to vague images and vague language) right now i love using vintage patterns, but man! some of them are really hard to read!


  7. I'm pretty much the same as everyone else… a picture says a thousand words… I'm really bad about only reading 1/2 of what's written & then thinking I know everything there is to know.. I don't.


  8. I’m so excited for your patterns–Lauralee has been telling me about how great they are! I love illustrations/pictures and step-by-step easy-to-follow instructions. Even if you feel like you are dumbing it down…you never know what level your sewer is at. It drives me crazy when patterns don’t include things like seam allowance, yardage of fabric to buy, exactly where to put in the snap, etc.–I hate guessing. I just used one of Sandi Henderson’s dress patterns, and I loved it.


  9. I am a beginning sewer, so I LOVE step-by-step instructions that don’t assume I know anything. And the more pictures, the better. (I’m a visual learner, so this is the easiest way for me to understand them….I tend to get lost in the words!)


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