A Hairy sutuation..

Hey! I’m sure I’m not the only one that is a little OCD about hair cuts.
It might seem weird that I even think about it because I hardly have any hair.
Well, I have hair…..thick hair, really short thick hair.
I’m getting it cut next week. I want it really short.
and colored a new color.

I love this one the most!
My question to you is:
How short is too short?
you know what I mean?
I want it to look carefree, and fresh, and stylish, and feminine.
Should I cut it….or let it grow?


16 thoughts on “A Hairy sutuation..

  1. oh I had my hair in the pixie…I was thinking more of Winona Ryder a la Girl, Interrupted. a little disheveled but super short. I loved it, too bad I can’t convince my husband that my beautiful bone structure is best highlighted with short hair. The thing I hated most was shaving my neck!!


  2. You’re asking the wrong person here. . .(OK, so you asked a mass number of people. . .but I always read this as if you’re only asking me). I would love to try this hair as well. . however, I have extremely naturally curly hair. . .so I’m afraid. Plus, my dh is strongly opposed to me with short hair. . .


  3. I actually think it’s funny that most everyone agrees on the short hair. Most of the time I got the “why would you cut your hair??” question. But before I went to Basic I cut my hair short-short. A lot like the last one. actually, since I’m blond! And, honestly, if I weren’t so fat that a pixie would make my head look like a pumpkin right now I’d cut it that way again. I looooved it. Honestly I’d say to cut it or grow it as you want. What seems to feel right to you? I’m betting you know the answer, you just want us to say it with ya:)


  4. Those are all cute…if you have big ears or lobes, don’t do it! People will be staring at them. But if you have pretty and proportional ears, go for it. I think short hair makes one look more youthful.


  5. I love short hair, in fact, everytime I see someone with short hair, I’m extremely jealous. But it’s a lot of work and upkeep: Lots of trips to the salon and stying it everyday. And you can’t just wake up and go because of the big hole in the back of your head from sleeping on it (spoken from lots of experience) But, that said. GO FOR IT!


  6. Jana You know that as one of your past cosmetologists I am going to say short. And now you are skinny skinny so It will look even better. (it looked great befor) I say short and darker. Blonde brings out flaws (you dont have any but I cant picture you blonde) that is weird you had long blonde hair my whole childhood and I cant picture you that way! ha oh well just my opinion


  7. I love all of those short cuts! How short is too short? I once had mine about a half inch long, no kidding. It was too short. At least, too short for a 5’9″ gal with broad shoulders, no waistline, and no hips (back then). From behind, it was always, “Sir?” and sometimes from the front, too.


  8. i spent august until now groeing my hair only to look in the mirror each morning and dislike what i see soooooooooo we are now short again…….its far more me so just go with what u really like and want ps…the styles are fab, i have always loved victoria beckhams hair……shes lucky in mor than one way !!!!


  9. I say go short! You look too cute with short hair! Not to mention you have the skinny-A face to pull it off. Compare your face to my chipmunk cheeks and you’ll see what I mean!

    BTW, no, my butt is still there. Dang it. And don’t worry, there will be absolutely NO SLUFFING on Saturday! Can’t wait to see ya!


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