Peas, tweeze, and……

What does your 2 year old eat for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner?
Mine eats peas.
Bowls and bowls full of peas.
It gives him pea breath.
Not cool.

My 14 year old is getting tired of her bushy eyebrows.
The girl has enough brow for 3 or 4 people.
She could be a brow donor for people that had theirs burned off when they got too close to the campfire.
(no I don’t know that from experience)
She has agreed to let me have at ’em with the tweezers.
Silly girl!

Darling 11 year old

(yes I said that he was only 10 in a blog a few weeks ago and got in trouble)

Has a pain in his left side.

Dr. Internet thinks it is probably just gas.

Giving him a gas-x and sending him to his room.

Things should “work out” OK.
(PS. the last rhyme is Stinky Cheese)


8 thoughts on “Peas, tweeze, and……

  1. Run 14 year old RUN!!!!!!! moms like it way to much. They enjoy causing you pain for all the trouble you may have caused. Lola at least baby is eating something. and he doesnt have pee breath that would be bad!!!


  2. Nothing wrong with peas….it’ll put hair on baby’s chest! (That’s what my Dad always told us to encourage us to eat our peas….why would that work with girls???)


  3. my 2 year old only eats fruit…which causes too many dirty dipes. and tell your daughter never, never, never do at home waxing! my sister used to wax her unibrow and i once spilled it on my face while getting it out of the microwave for her. i waxed off my entire right eyebrow. i was in the eighth grade…talk about embarrassment.


  4. Wow, how do you get your baby to eat peas? My 19 month old hates all veggies. Have fun tweezing those eyebrows. I have enough eyebrow for a few people too, and I recommend a daily look in the mirror for strays. And, if it’s not gas, give the boy some fiber. That’s what it typically is.


  5. My kids hate peas (so do I). I remember when my mom did that to me the first time (tweezing) I then went to waxing and never looked back. LOL


  6. LOL. My eyebrows got a visit from Mr Tweezer when I was 12 or 13. . .I also could have been a brow donor. My father has Michael Dukakis eyebrows. . .so it’s no wonder where I got them from. My Tweezers get a work out daily now.


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