If you see this head at market…..

….please say “Hi!”
You asked for it….
Now you get a crappy self portrait of what my hair
kind-of looks like.
It is WAY cuter in real life!!

I’ve gotta pack!!!

21 thoughts on “If you see this head at market…..

  1. I love it! It is so fun.

    I told dh the other day, “You’d better be thankful I’m fat” and he said, “WHAT?” and I said, “the moment I am skinny I’m cutting my hair really short!” *he loves long hair*

    This looks GREAT on you.


  2. Dear Lo,
    I would have stopped in to introduce myself properly. But in a strange twist of fate…Hoss delivered daughter to dance and I attended the football player/parent/coach meeting.

    As I was passing your place…some cute chick with blonde hair pulled out and for a second I thought it was you with extensions and I almost waved…but I stopped myself.

    Your new do is WAYYYY cute. Prolly even cuter in person.



  3. “Hot Mama!” as my teenage boys would say. You look great! That hairstyle so suits you. I have also been considering cutting my shoulder-length hair short lately and you are making me seriously consider it. Problem is that my local Singer shop called today to tell me that they have a great little second-hand serger in today and would I be interested? (They know I have been coveting one for ages!) Now, do I do my hair or buy the serger? Is there a choice?! Hope you have a great time at the Quilt Show!


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