Quilt Market!!

Yeah!! I finally found Internet!!
Don’t want to make you jealous but……….
(name dropping ahead, beware!)
Chatted with LILA TUELLER this afternoon while she was drinking a DIET COKE.
I KNOW!!!!! We ARE kindred spirits!
She really is the cutest, sweetest, nicest…
and Santorini is gorgeous in person.
It has much more contrast than in the pictures I’ve seen.
Ummmm………had a casual conversation with AMY BUTLER.
I was not nearly as spastic around her this year.
She had on the greatest shoes.
I took a pic of them, but you’ll have to wait until I’m at home and can upload them.
She is really funny. We were the only ones in her booth at the time, and she just chatted with us, and we all showed her our new bags
(which, co-incidentally, happened to be made out of her fabrics.)
Did you know that VALORIE WELLS is pregnant?
Her Del-Hi fabrics are great, and so are her new patterns!
When we were talking with her today (I KNOW!)
I wore my cute new wedges all day today!
My feet are killin’ me.
‘nite now!

8 thoughts on “Quilt Market!!

  1. You lucky thing! Sounds so exciting to be there. LOVE Amy Butler as you know. I hear she is VERY tall and always seems to wear fabulous shoes. I read Valori’s blog so knew she is pregnant. She is such a nice lady. I sent her an e-mail once telling her how I love her fabrics and she answered back! More than I can say about some other famous designers who get their staff to answer on their behalf….Can’t wait to see your pics!


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