photo by Leo Reynolds

School is out on Friday.
I will be home with my 6 kids…
all day!

I know what you are thinking.
You are thinking, “Quit whining! You are the one that chose to have 6 kids.”
You would be right about that
(except the last…he was a woopsie)

All I can say in my defense is,
“They were cute when they were little,
like puppies or kitties,

My Mom tells me that they will turn back into human beings someday.
I look forward to that day.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids.
I love them
I fear them too.

Are you ready for summer vacation(?) ?


12 thoughts on “Fear!

  1. I know the feeling! My boys are both teenagers now, and let me tell you, they are frightening! I often think back to my own teenage years and wonder if my parents felt the same? Was I also such a know-all, cheeky little number? The 18-year old is the worst at the moment! I get into an argument with him almost every day lately. So I decided that I will keep quiet – no matter how HARD it is – and keep my blood pressure low, and hopefully live a little longer! I believe there is a wonderful life waiting for us “after kids”. No “empty nest syndrome” for me, thank you! And YES, I also love my kids a lot, but some days….


  2. oh, I'm so not ready for summer either!!! I get what you're saying. .love them – fear them – love them – fear them. .. find chocolate for yourself & indulge heavily & hide it from them because you know what sugar does to the inner monsters. . . YIKES! Be afraid – be very AFRAID!!!


  3. My kids are all grown, but you never get over fearing them or should I say fearing for them. Will they make the right chooses. Will they make enough money to care for a family. Will they choose the right mate and on and on. Know wonder I’m tried all the time, it’s all that sleep I’m not getting worring about my kids. A Mother’s work is never done.


  4. Hey I’m only have one young daughter and I’m dreading a bored child all summer. I can’t even imagine 6. Make sure you have someplace for yourself with a lock, even if it’s your bathroom to get away and relax for awhile. Although I have to say it helped when my daughter came home from school saying she would be home for 10 weeks for summer vacation. For some reason that number sounded much better than thinking the “whole” summer off. Maybe it’s because this way I can count down weeks. Good Luck!


  5. I’m so glad mine are still in the puppy dog phase…oh wait, I don’t get to put them in a dog crate? What! I don’t have to just put out a bowl of preformulated food and they’ll be okay? 1 walk a day is not enough!!!
    okay so the puppy phase isn’t the greatest either, but at least they love me and I love them!!!
    As my good friend Muriel used to say: “this too shall pass”


  6. Just be glad you don’t have eight. I am also dreading summer horribly. At least in the fall the two (twins) four-year-olds will be going to pre-school and maybe I will finally get something done. I doubt it, since the two-year-old princess will still be issuing orders but I can hope that the day will come when my needs will once again get an hour or so.


  7. I have three. . two boys (4 and 2) and one teenage girl (13). I’m afraid of the summer. You are not alone. I Can’t imagine spending the summer with six kids!


  8. I’m looking forward to not having to drive carpool, but dreading the call of “MOOOMMMM! I’m bored.” We just moved to a new neighboorhood so all four girls need to establish new friends. Oh the joy…


  9. kids are mostly great. it is also nice when they grow up well. but like the man says, “when they are little, they step on your toes, when they get big, they step on your heart.”


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