Meet the girls

After days of clouds and storms
we ended today with a full rainbow.
The whole family stood on the front lawn in Awe.
Today was an exciting day in the world of pattern making.
We sent our second group of items to our photographer in Arizona.
She does a fantastic job!
I can’t wait to see what she does this time.
As I was loading my projects into the box, I snapped a few shots to show.
They’re pretty awful, but you get the idea.
This is the Ava Dress.
She is very sweet, and simple to make, but she makes a big statement!
Two days before we left for market I had this idea for a bag.
I was going to wait until I got home to make it, but I couldn’t.
This baby is one of my favorite bags ever.
At market, I had so many people stop me and ask about it.
Her name is Penelope Ruffles.
She is a show stopper!

This last bag is such a great bag. It is a great shape, and size.
The fabric is fabulous.
And the bow………..!!!!
I named her the Lola Goes Shopping bag!
I plan to take her everywhere!

PS. did you happen to see the new “Izzy & Ivy” labels on the bags?? What do you think?


9 thoughts on “Meet the girls

  1. What do I think?!?!

    I think I couldn't possibly be any more in love with that last purse. It is so perfect–the size, the colors, the beautiful bow. *SWOON* You are amazing!

    Where is the pattern? I must have it now!!


  2. I really like your tags! I apologize if you have stated it before but I am new to the blogging world. I am wondering where Ivy came from. It is my last name. I would love to use it for a “brand” but every time I try to come up with something it is already taken. I am just curious if you have a story behind your name. (Wich by the way I think is very cute and so are the tags.)


  3. Oooh!! I love Ruffles! Way cute! Girl, you a-maz-ing! You don't need to watch any TV. You keep doin' what you're doin'. No need to mush your brains. Love ya!


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