Don’t pinch me

We just got our first picture back from the Ava Dress photo shoot
and couldn’t wait to show it off!
It is in our second group of patterns going to print,
so it will probably be another 4 weeks before she’s ready for Wholesale sale.
I can’t wait to see the shots of the other items in this group.
This is a dream…….don’t pinch me though.

16 thoughts on “Don’t pinch me

  1. Oh it's just gorgeous, and so is the little model wearing it. I wish I had little ones to sew this up for. Only a great nephew and I think he would be rather upset with me if I made it for him. lol!
    ♥ Teresa


  2. OH my gosh isn't that just THE most adorable picture!!! I don't blame you for not being able to wait. LOVE that dress and the fabric is perfect. What an adorable little girl too. *swoon*


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