When you’re almost 39

My teen daughter needed some jeans that she could destroy at camp.
She recently cut all of her old ones into shorts so it was time for a trip to our local thrift store.
(much to poor teens dismay)
I started filing through the MANY racks of denim, pulling out the ones that were her size.
She rapidly rejected 90% of them because they were “Mom Jeans”.
Is this what my life has become???

9 thoughts on “When you’re almost 39

  1. Ok I just fell onto the floor! Good thing I'm wearing my Mom jeans other wise my thong might have been exposed!
    The 9″ zipper was the best. I had a customer tell me that there is a direct corellation between the zipper and crack exposure. The shorter the zipper the longer the crack!


  2. This is so funny!Can you imagine our kids today wearing their older sibling's hand-me-downs? That's what we did. I was the youngest and seldom got any new clothes!


  3. Wow. Thank GOD I am not THAT mom. My mother however (I love you Mom) she does wear the 9″ Zipper. she buys hers at Wal*Mart or Kohls. And I agree with Pinktulip. I still get hand me downs but now I get them from my YOUNGER COUSINS! I hope I do not turn into the “trying to act younger than she is mom”

    Really funny post.

    Tell your daughter that sometimes you can find awesome deals. I once scored a pair of Seven for all Mankind's for 5$ They were too short but i chopped them into shorts!


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