What does one do to prepare to turn the big

Well, one could apply a set of these.
Cheesy??? yes!
Did I? YES!!!
Press on Toe Nails…..Who knew?
That was not all I did to prepare for the BIG DAY.
I also got our family packed for a week long vacation

We are headed for Deer Valley tomorrow after church.

Where I will be eating obscene amounts of this…. and sipping (chugging) gallons of this.

This should be one of the best Birthdays ever!


12 thoughts on “Dementia?

  1. The easiest thing to do is just go with it! Why fight it? Enjoy all the cake, diet coke, and relaxation you can stand! Happy Birthday too!


  2. No say it isnt so…fake toe nails?

    For real…I cant believe those actually exist?
    Have an awesome deserve it! Sounds like it will be a balst..dont lose your fake toenail in the water!


  3. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great birthday and will have a fabulous holiday! The best advice I have is that you make sure you squeeze every bit of advantage you can from birthdays. That includes time off from house duties, babysitters, nice treats, presents and all things nice!


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