The Laundry Dream

We’re finally home from our “relaxing” week long “vacation“.
The only thing that made it vacationy was that my Lego Hair man was there to suffer through it with me.
But, now we’re home
and now comes the MOST HATED part of every vacation..
On a normal day we usually wash 3-4 loads of uberstanky clothes.
Today, I have hardly peaked my head out of our laundry “room“.
I can’t really call what we have a room. It is more of a laundry-hallway-leading-to-the-garage.
Because I spend so many hours there, I have come up with a design to make it a more pleasant place to be. One might even call it heaven.
Welcome to the
“I’m Dreaming”
The first thing that our room needs is a fantastically relaxing paint color.
I’ve already got that one covered!
I painted the room…..
I don’t have to worry about Aromatherapy because i find the scent of
I think the laundry room would benefit by having a nice, comfy chair.
Imagine reclining while you fold, or iron your clothes.
I also think it would be a super place to rest while waiting for the next load to come out of the dryer.
I could plug in the laptop, and comfortably surf the net, or even ponder life’s greatest mysteries in the comfort of my Dream Laundry Room.
Now! The ultimate of ultimates….
a beautiful new set of laundry appliances!!!!
Of course, they would have to be pimped up a bit….

This is Laundry room perfection!

Imagine with me…

Warm Cookies, Cold Diet Coke, Reclining, Downy, and the sweet sounds of clothes being cleaned.



7 thoughts on “The Laundry Dream

  1. The “useless drawers” is so funny! My laundry “room” is out in the garage, down three concrete steps. Yay! There is a fridge out there with beer…but no warmer.

    Vaction laundry is the worst!


  2. Oh, Lola! Only you can make a laundry room sound like a nice place to be! Love your paintwork! The chair sounds like a good idea as long as the washing can do itself!


  3. You are way ahead of me, girl! I still haven't unpacked the suitcases. Yes, I did laundry before we left vay-cay, so I don't have a ton to do (I also don't have 6 kids….yet) but this means we are living out of the suitcases until I absolutely HAVE to do laundry! 🙂


  4. oh my gosh, we just got a new washer, and it's HUGE!! it's like doing two loads at once!!

    hey, if anyone can appreciate my excitement, it's a fellow laundry sister . . .

    we had a washer and dryer in our condo this year–that made the homecoming so much sweeter!

    i'm at home, and the internet it so slow, i can't even see your awesome bag pictures. rats.


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