The mess!

What a Beautiful Mess I’m in!!

This is one small portion of my studio…..the rest is equally cluttered!

I just glanced up from my sewing and realized that I even LOVE the way the mess looks! I love all of the fun colors, and fabrics that I am so luck to work with.

…and speaking of BEAUTIFUL….

“Hello, Lover!”

My new shoes are FABULOUS!
I have, unfortunately, developed a slight shoe obsession…
much to LEGO Hair Man’s dismay.
Last week we celebrated my Grandparents 100th birthdays.
They aren’t around anymore.
To celebrate, we had a big dinner with all of the things Grandma used to cook.
Of course, none of it was as good as hers.
I was assigned to make THIS……
Grandma loved it! I think that I am one of the only ones at the party to eat my serving though.
It is Lime Jello,
with Cottage Cheese,
Crushed Pineapple,
Celery (really!),
and Walnuts.

It has an interesting flavour, but it really did remind me of Grandma.

I was asked to make the banner for our Church’s girls camp.
The theme was Mark 5: 36.

I love working with fabric in different ways.
….lastly, a blurry self portrait with my Macy bug.
Her eyes amaze me!


11 thoughts on “The mess!

  1. That really is a beautiful mess! Love your banner, too.

    My sister's mother-in-law used to make that very Jello “salad” and she wasn't even LDS! She was British.


  2. I should send you a picture of my mess, it's similar to yours but a bit more sparkly.

    That jello is one of my favorites! However, I've never had it with the celery and walnuts. I might just have to try that.

    Nice shoes!


  3. My kind of mess! Love seeing lots of sewing projects lying around! Your girl is so pretty!

    Your shoes are stunning! You were rigjht about it looking good with jeans…


  4. I love the banner, it's amazing. Is it made from all fabric?

    Those are definitely “Come & get me, Lego-boy!” shoes. Nice pedicure.

    The eyes are glorious! Just pools of goodness…how do you not gaze at them all day?


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