Make Over Fairy?

The ubber Nerdy (and very full of junk) dresser in the laundry room
is Begging me
to be turned into this sweet number.
It would be a great addition to my studio don’t ya think?

My groovy lamps could become some Swanky New Lamps, like this one,
with just a little help.


When we built our house we filled it FULL of lovely faux-brass door knobs.
The knobs feel that they are a little bit overdressed for such a casual abode.

I would love to give this litte idea a try before I go an purchase replacements.

My Husband will like this.

I really don’t want to spend my shoe money his hard earned money on door knobs.


My ever so pitiful front door wants to look like this one found here.
A coat of paint…..
Some Vinyl numbers…..

Where is the Home Make-over Fairy when you need her?

What home project are you working on?


8 thoughts on “Make Over Fairy?

  1. I love the dresser, especially the color and even more with the lamp on top of it. Gave me an idea for a lamp for my husband. Those things hanging off look like guitar picks. He'd love that!


  2. I love home projects… I am actually itching to do something to our backyard… hubby and I were just talking about a new plan. I just wish we could afford to do it all now 😉 oh, well.. guess we'll have to live with doing little bits at a time. Anyway… love the new ideas you have for your home… can't wait to see them done in your space.


  3. Lots of work, but very satisfying to do make-overs! I still have the two cane chairs and little side table I bought months ago on my list…never seems to have time, or feel like doing it. Maybe when it warms up outside..Good luck with your make-overs! That dresser look fab!


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