What Smells?

Saturday was a work day at our house.
People are always asking how I get so much done….
I don’t.
What do you think I had 6 kids for?
Lego man has them scrubbing the toilets by the age of 5.
I actually overheard 3 of them (ages 8, 6, 5) fighting over who had to do the sink, and who got to do the toilet.
Anyway, Lego and I had to go get supplies for our weekend projects.
We headed to the store where dreams come true
I love going there because the possiblities of Home Goodness are endless.
It was there that I realized what one of my favorite smells on the planet would be
(Well we all know that the first favorite is Fabric when you iron it)
I love the smell of Lumber.
No, really.
Not just like,
or kind of partial to…
I love the smell of Home Depot Lumber section.
I guess if I ever get tired of working with fabric, I’ll go into construction or something?
What is you favorite (strange) smell?

12 thoughts on “What Smells?

  1. There is a sort of mildew-y smell that puts me right back into a big bed in my grandma's house in December, under a huge pile of quilts. My parents, aunts and uncles are talking in living room, and I feel completely safe and warm and happy.


  2. My current favorite (weird) smell is tyhe smell of my new rice bag! I bought one at the craft store because I have been too lazy to make my own. I was told that the daily warming up in the microwave will eventually make it smelly, but oh boy, do I have toasty feet now!


  3. Vanilla essence, when I am baking I love that smell……..and fresh clean laundry, I have been known to stand at the washing line sniffing my washing before I hang it up – it smells best straight out of the washer still wet!
    I quite like wet bitimen…….I think thats how you spell it – its tarseal…..that is on roads – especially straight after it rains in the summer time, thats the best smell.


  4. A mix of coffee and a halls cough drop. It reminds me of my Grandpa Hanks….. Not a smell that I get to smell very often though. Next time I am with someone that is drinking coffee I'll have to ask them to pop in a halls cough drop!


  5. I love the smell of a clean horse barn! The combination of hay, grain, wood shavings, dust, and horse manure. I even like the smell of warm, sweaty horses! Although, freshly ironed fabric is a good smell too 🙂


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