Back to School..on the cheap!

While cleaning out my daughter’s closet today
(it’s 2 weeks until school starts…gotta get organized)
I had an idea.
There were so many things she loved, but had outgrown.
(or had stained when tackling her little brothers while playing football)
There were other things that were pretty blah.
Her wardrobe needs some help!
….and with 5 kids in school this year, SO DO I!

I decide to dedicate the next two weeks to
Back to School…
on the cheap!
Starting tomorrow…..( or as soon as I find my camera )
I will be offering up my ideas of some easy and inexpensive ways to spark your child’s wardrobe,
without breaking the bank!
The shirts I tweaked turned out really cute, and didn’t cost me a cent!

… where did I put my camera???

3 thoughts on “Back to School..on the cheap!

  1. Hey! Can't wait to see what ideas you have. BTW… I might have an idea for you to use on one of your shirts for your kids… check out the Moda Bake Shop on Aug. 5 for my latest tutorial for some kids clothing! -Angela


  2. I can't wait to see your ideas!
    This year, my kids are attending a new school and they will be wearing uniforms.
    Uniforms that we do not yet own.
    This week, I will be buying new school clothes for my kids.



  3. Can't wait! I think we could all use a little help in that area this year! ….Do I detect a little excitement on your part? organizing two weeks early and all …anticipating a little quiet around the house are we? I know I am!


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