School Clothes… Cheap 1

When I was going through my dd’s closet I found tons of t-shirts.
T-shirts are cheap.
I buy most of them at Wally World for 3 or 4 bucks.
I wanted to make them look a little bit more girlie,
so here’s what I did:
I bought this shirt a size or 2 too large for her, but it would work with one that fits too.
1- Lay the shirt on a hard surface.
2- Mark a line 3″ from the bottom hem on the front and the back of the shirt.
3- Prepare to do some Shirring. If you’ve never tried it before you are going to love it!
You will ned some Elastic thread or Shirring elastic. (It is only about $3.00)
4-Starting at a side seam, sew all of the way around the shirt on the marked line.
Back stitch at the begining and end to knot the elastic.

5- Lift presser foot and move up 1 pressure foot width. Sew another line of shirring using the first line as your guide.
6- Move foot again and sew one more line of shirring.

7- Sewing lines of shirring on Shoulder. Start one presser foot width from shoulder seam. Sew from Neckline to Sleeve.
8- Sew line of shirring on shoulder seam.

10- Sew another line of shirring on other side of shoulder seam.

11- Steam lines of shirring with iron steam.

Quick, Cute, and Easy!

Here is a t-shirt she had in herr closet. I cut the emblem off a shirt that was getting too small for her. I pinned it to the front of the shirt, and zig zagged around it.

I did the shirring high, so it makes the shirt more of a babydoll. I also did 3 lines of shirring on the sleeve.

This is another shirt she already had. I covered a stain on it with the emblem of another too-small shirt.
These look so much cuter on dd than they did before. I might even try this on some shirts for my teen……maybe not….teens!


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