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I’ve been contemplating getting a Super Power.


I’ve gone 39 years…. and 6 children without one

That is FAR to long!

There are so many that would be helpful:

Flying -I’d be able to find my hiding kids easier…and get to the store faster,

Super Hearing– I’d finally be able to hear what my kids are saying under their breath when I ask them if their room is clean,

Heat vision-would make cooking so much more fun!,

Mind Reading-Obvious!

Creating Force fields– I’d no longer be pummeled by randomly flung (By any of 4 boys) objects ,

Morphing into Animals– no reason…just sounds fun-

WHAPOW! I’m a Tiger!

There are millions to choose from…..

Which Super Power would you choose??


9 thoughts on “Super-wha?

  1. I often wish I had superpowers! I would choose Mrs Incredible. Imagine having those flexible arms and legs?! My favorite scene from the movie is the one in their kitchen where Mrs Incredible holds down two kids and still carry on as normal! Oh, and I do like Dash's speed…hmmm…


  2. TELEPORTING!!! That way I never have to drive anywhere, just close my eyes and do an “I Dream of Jeanie” head bob, and “POOF!” I'm there! I hve thought and thought about this for many years and after some deliberating, that is my choice.


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