I got a Peaceful easy feelin..

The Day of Peace and Rest….

Getting 8 people up and ready for church is a major feat.

My husband is responsible for a good chunk of the process. He irons all of the boy’s clothes, and finds their shoes, and ties, and scriptures.

He’s the Best!
In spite of all of our efforts, we barely make it out of the door and into the church on time.
I would almost rather stay home than walk in late with all of my posse.
…..trying to find a spot big enough,
and not in the front,
and not by anyone that the kids will get all rowdy about (like Grandpa Neil),
or fight with (Like Uncle Scott),
or cause to gnash their teeth (like the rest of the congregation).
This morning started with a bang. Literally.
My husband couldn’t find the toddler’s Sunday shoes, so he was dismantling the boys closet loudly!
We searched the whole house.
No shoe.
I said, “No problem. He can just wear his Tennie Runners.” They are pretty new, and relatively clean.
The boy’s socks needed to be found,
there were pen marks on Brig’s tie,
the wrinkles wouldn’t iron out of my skirt,
we were all a little bit behind
Finally we were all ready to leave…
ON TIME no less.
As we were scrambling out the door,
Danny (the toddler) decided he needed to finish his drink-
that he spilled all over his shirt.
Big juice stain!
Jeff and I ran to his drawers to find….
Chuck the baby in the People Mover, stained shirt and tennies, and
!! crap!!
uncombed hair.
We did make it to church on time.


14 thoughts on “I got a Peaceful easy feelin..

  1. I so know how it goes. We have 6 people to get ready and 5 (including me) are girls. My wonderful husband helps the kids get ready. I hate to see what it will be like to have to get 4 teenage girls out the door.


  2. I get it and I only have three little crazies. Recently I have taken this little Primary song to heart….”Saturday is a special day, it's the day you get ready for Sunday”. I can't believe how much smoother the morning goes when the church clothes are ironed and laid out, I pop a Rhodes cinnamon roll pan in the oven before I get in the shower and we're good to go. Just a thought!


  3. I love it!!! You are real and like the rest of us.
    A few Sundays ago my 8 year old announced half way to church I forgot my shoes. I had to make a quick decision be later than we all ready were or continue on with no shoes. Well I chose to keep going when we enter the chapel somebody whispered where are your shoes Madeline. She smiled and said we are too poor to afford new ones.
    I just love sundays..


  4. I can picture this very clearly! Ha-ha! No matter how much you try to be prepared for this, kids are kids, and things never go according to plan with them! At least you made it!


  5. There's something about getting ready for Church on Sunday that requires an extra amount of patience. I tell ya it can get crazy around here and we go to church at 1pm. It's not me! I'm ready to go. LOL! I loved your post!


  6. Just a few years ago I was on a quick trip to visit my mom, and didn't plan for taking her to church (she wasn't very well). Come Sunday, she decided she did want to go, which was fine, although all I had to wear was a t-shirt and jeans. Then it took her a while to get ready (she was in her 80s) and so we were late. THEN she used her key to the church to let us in a side door, which was closer to the car, and it let us in at the front of the church. Tried to do the walk of shame down the aisle but were warmly greeted by the minister who was happy to see my mom there. “Hi everybody, here I am escorting Mom to church in my JEANS AND T-SHIRT!”



  7. I love reading your blog, you just crack me up. I have 6 kids too and completely understand! No matter how prepared we are there is always that last minute food on the shirt or juice down the front of their dress!! Oh well, I am sure we will miss it when they are gone! 🙂


  8. I so understand – I have 6 kids – 5 being girls. For the last several years, my hubby had to be at church early for meetings leaving me to get them all ready. I was always running late – way too many heads of hair do make cute! I even had one Sunday when the toddler climbed back in the tub still full of cold water completely dresses – shoes and all as I was wrestling the one boy who refused to get dressed into his car seat before he could take his clothes off again. uhhh. fun times.


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