Woot Woot!!!

Oh!!! I am so excited to tell you all this!!!
I am on Moda Bakeshop today!!!
ME!!! LOLA!!!
Go see my Easy Peasy Thelma and Louisy tutorial!!
The inside has pockets!
You can get 5 of these binder covers out of a Layer Cake.
I think these would be great for School, Inspiration Journals, Recipe Books, Scrap Books, etc.

If you don’t know what a layer cake piece is, it’s a 10″ square of fabric.

You really need to make one!!

Wheeeee!!! This is so much fun!!

I am in Moda Heaven!!!!!
To Celebrate
I’m having a Giveaway!!!
I’ll Be giving away:
1– the Covered Binder from the tutorial,
filled with some Lola Love!!!
2– A covered notebook,
out of the Simple Abundance line of fabric with more Lola Love!
Leave a comment and Random will pick the winner on
Sunday Aug. 23rd
Now….gimme a hug!! I’m so happy!!

139 thoughts on “Woot Woot!!!

  1. Great, it's fantastic. I intend todo one too, glad I didn't because yours is great and those pockets, very useful. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Love Cristina from Portugal


  2. YawHoo! Look at you girl! You're all over everything these days! What fun. Love your binder idea.. I printed it off months ago.. still haven't done it but I'm gonna. It would be a great binder for all the stuff I print off.. The One-Day-I'm- Gonna-Make-It binder! Congrats!


  3. You are so talented. I don't know how come you have more hours in a day than I do, but it's not fair. I can't wait to get some of your patters to make for my little granddaughters. keep up the great work.


  4. Woohoo!! I found your blog and love it. You are so funny but real.

    Congrats on being on MOda Bakeshop. This tutorial is so simple and cute. What a great idea just in time for school.



  5. What a happy project! I would love to make some… five of uis going back to school in TWO weeks! One of us gets to “relax” for one more year. WOW< eight to church on-timish... we thought six was a challenge! Way to go.


  6. I was going to come and comment anyway just because I love the tutorial and the binder, and then I saw the giveaway!! Thanks for the chance to win that cool piece of work. 'Can't wait to try the tutorial!


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