Monday, bloody Monday!

Today’s fun includes-
*Taking my very large, very strong 5 year old to the Dr.
(not our regular Dr. that we know and love. The Dr. that happened to have an appointment open)

*The last round of vaccinations so that he can go to Kindergarten.
(Did I mention how strong my kid is?)

*A Tb. test because he was born in Haiti, and they won’t let him go to school without one.

*Also dragging the toddler along…..the one that hates everyone (but me)…… especially Dr’s and Nurses.

What are you doing today???


4 thoughts on “Monday, bloody Monday!

  1. Do they make you hold him down? Because my doctor does that with marshy. It takes 3-4 nurses plus me holding him still to get the shots administered. GOOD LUCK! 🙂
    (and if they have them, ask for mercury free vaccinations.)


  2. Very funny! I can just picture it since my youngest also hated everyone, especially Doctors and hospitals, when he was smaller. Must have been because he was there so often, being such a wild child and often getting hurt. I hate Mondays! Mostly because I really start enjoying sewing on a Sunday night and then have to pack it up and start working! I hope to start sewing a dress I planned last night later today…


  3. I feel for You! We just went through this with my little one. He is nine years old and has Asthma and Allergies. The Doctor ordered a major blood draw for testing. I thought he was going to pass out. He yelled and screamed and carried on. He screamed “Vampires(phlebotomists)take out that needle, why do you want all my blood, stop it you're hurting me, etc…”. It was torture for me. I just hope we don't have to do that again for a long time. I will be saying a little prayer for you and hoping it goes as fast as possible!


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