yeah! Me too…


Wha-cha doin’?

me too.
I’ve been messing with this pile of really great fabrics.

Don’t you love the colors?

me too.


I’ve been trying to make 2

HUGE flowers for Izzy & Ivy’s booth for Quilt Market…

in October……

This is what one of them looks like so far.

(I put the thread cone in the middle so you could see how big it is.)

I know…..I’t had better get a lot better before I put it in the booth….

Hey! Anyone know how to make a GIANT flower???



12 thoughts on “yeah! Me too…

  1. Are you using TimTex to stabilize it? That would keep it “erect,” so to speak.

    I so WISH I was going to Quilt Market to see your booth in person! You are going to be the STAR of Quilt Market!


  2. Looks cute!! What if you sew floral wire to the outside edges of each petal, either inside the seam allowance or with a bias ribbon to the back of each petal? And extend the wire so that you could use it to connect the petals together and then cover that with fabric to make a stem.


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