Come Sea….

I was just wondering……
where are you going to be in February?? (7-12)

I’ll be here
in The Cayman Islands..

and Cozumel.
Checking out the ruins at Tulum.

….as part of a cruise.
with a bunch of quilting women….
sewing the days that we are “at sea”.
Oh yeah….I am the Teacher!!!
I am so excited that I was asked to do this by
Wanna come too?????
We’re going to laugh, eat, play, and MAKE A QUILT!!
Here is the info (scroll to page 9)


11 thoughts on “Come Sea….

  1. Oh, I'm soooo jealous! The beaches and sewing, too. With no children? Don't get me wrong, I love my babies like nobodies business, but holy smokes that would be an awesome trip. Alas, I'll be teaching and cannot go. Just be sure to post!! 😉 Congratulations.


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