Moda and Mod Podge

I’m working on my first ever Mod Podge project.
This stuff is great, and so easy to use.
I bought the letters ON SALE at Joann’s. They were $1.49 each.
The fabric is all stuff from my scrap basket (it overfloweth).
When they are all dry I’m going to paint the sides brown…I think.
Then, if they are Super Fabuloso, I’ll show you the finished project.
If you are ready to give Mod Podge a try go Here first!
Now, if you are looking for a project to do this weekend….
one that takes a lot of fabric (maybe your scrap basket fodder)
Go to ModaBakeshop.
I’m on there today!!!
Be a BFF and go leave me a nice comment…or a mean one.
(but, I’ll probably cry if it’s mean…or if it’s really nice. I’m emotional that way!)
Have a snazzy Labor Day!

8 thoughts on “Moda and Mod Podge

  1. I love the lantern idea. I saw those laterns on sale at Target last week 10 for like $3.00 and I was struggling to figure out something to do with them….darn. I need to race over and see if they are still there! This would be perfect!

    thank you….thank you!


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