Ohhh Baby!

My Best Frister (Friend/Sister)
finally had her 5th baby!
I got to be there when she was born!
Can you believe the hair on that baby?
All of Frissy’s babies are born furry.

She’s beautiful, and soooo yummy!
Good Job Jenny!


12 thoughts on “Ohhh Baby!

  1. Nice! I come to your blog to see the first pictures of MY niece. I am totally jealous that you were there. So sad….and I still have 2 weeks until I get to see her. Give her lots of kisses for me, okay?


  2. That baby is so incredibly cute! Oh my. Makes me anxious for my grandbaby to get here. Some of my kids had so much hair when they were born – well they all had hair but one of mine had hair so long I had to cut it when she was 5 days old! Hair is so cute on babies.


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