We Won!!!

First off, I have to say that my Laptop is very dead….and so is my camera.
Neither of them wanted to take the trip to Texas, and neither of them survived it!
So, these photo’s have been borrowed from other blogs. Most of them are from Above All Fabrics. Thanks Girls!!
We Won the award for
Best New Exhibitors!!!
Our booth turned out so bright and fun!
And… those darn GIANT FLOWERS, that took me weeks to make,
were totally worth all of the tears.
We had so much fun meeting everyone.
I am excited for my Dad to get his pictures uploaded. He took tons of us, and the booth, and all of the fun people we saw.

We called the wire dress form, below, Busty. (for obvious reasons)
We had lots of pic taken by her.

I came home to 2 kids with the flu. Now I am coming down with it.
I hope to be up an around…and full of information….soon!

Big Happy Hugs!



20 thoughts on “We Won!!!

  1. I am so excited for you! This is something that you have worked long and very hard for.
    You will have to share how you made the latern flowers…they look diffrent than your others!!!

    Now, wait for all the orders to pour in!


  2. Yay!! I am so glad that you ladies won! You had a fabulous booth and I can't wait to get my patterns. But you know I thought it was fabulous because I visited it no less than a half dozen times. Congrats!! I will be having a post soon with pics from your booth too. I will let you know for sure.


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