So…It was like this

We were so very excited when we saw our beautiful booth…
well, at least I was!
Lauralee (Farrah), Mack, and Dad got right to work assembling the flowers for me.
It was a tough job because I hadn’t brought any of the tools we needed. I didn’t even bring a pair of scissors!
It wasn’t long until I was ballancing…barely…on a stool.
The flowers need a fluffing!
I had bruises up and down my legs the next day from that darned stool/ladder!

You may notice that Shasta isn’t in any of the pictures.
She was too busy getting Butt shots of the rest of us
(I cut my butt out of my shot. Hey! It’s my blog!)

We worked so hard, in the sweltering heat, that we put one of our “hands” right to sleep!

Here is the whole booth. (The only shot I got of it).

Market was a blast! You wouldn’t believe all of the great people we met, and all of the fun things we will be doing in the next few months, like-
publishing patterns in a few magazines,
Being interviewed by a few others,
designing patterns for next market,
and submitting our fabric designs.

I hope to post (soon) about the fun people we met, and about their shops.

It has only been a week since market, but It already feels like it was just a dream!


18 thoughts on “So…It was like this

  1. Congratulations on winning a prize for the best booth. I love it. The flowers were definitely worth the effort and they're gorgeous. Congrats on all the wonderful happenings going on for IZZY and IVY.


  2. Those flowers are fantastic! Your entire booth is like a dream. I really love your designs. . . now I just need some time & some sleep (maybe that first) so I can sink my teeth into some of that coolness. . .


  3. Your booth was fantastic! I so enjoyed visiting you. You really worked your “hands” didn't you?? I am excited to receive your patterns. So glad to hear you are already making new ones too!!


  4. Well, your booth is sure a dream!

    I can't wait to see you getting all FAMOUS!! Be sure to post every single time you are in a magazine so we can go buy out the shelves!


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