Totally pink!

I am feeling so much better today!
The world is a much brighter and more beautiful place.
She^ came to live at my house today. I named her “Totally Pink Barbie”.
(yes, I fact..a child!)
I like her so much, and I think she’ll be my new bff.
In other news-
My first grader wouldn’t go to school while I was in Texas. We were pretty sure it was because he was missing me. We aren’t apart very often.
When I got home he still wouldn’t go to school. I dragged his screaming carcass into his classroom, and tried to leave him there. It didn’t work!
A couple of days later we were finally able to figure out that he didn’t want to go to school because he was being bullied. In first grade!
It broke my heart! He is a sweet and quiet boy (at school at least).
We talked to his teacher. She was great! She talked with both of the boys together. Now my boy is back in school, and happy!
I hope that all of our childrens problem in life are solved that easily.

14 thoughts on “Totally pink!

  1. I am having laptop envy. My not even 1 year old laptop is cracked, chipped, and sad 😦 Totally Pink Barbie looks so pretty and new and PINK! Glad you're up and running again! 🙂 If you need help cleaning her up, let me know. You know where to find me 🙂


  2. OOooohhhh… I LOVE your new Totally Pink Barbie! Very cool! I have this unneccessary want for an HP Mini.. no real reason… just want one. 🙂 I am glad your little one's bullying problem is fixed now. I hope he doesn't have to go through that again… no fun.


  3. We had a bullying issue last year with my then 1st grader as well. Once we got that figured out {it was a kid that was his friend for crying out loud!} – all was well. That really bothered us though. . . not that we'd like to have the bully but still. . .poor little guy!


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