Need a better wagon!

Due to the recent stress of starting a new business,
and the even more recent stress our printer’s server crashing…and possibly losing all of our pattern cover info…that was supposed to start printing again Monday…that they might have to start over from scratch-thus delaying our shipments another few weeks…..
I am officially announcing that I have Fallen off the wagon (again!)

(not an actual picture of me. You can tell this because there isn’t any Diet Coke on the table! And, my face would have more chocolate on it too.)
Is it ok for me to pray for the printer’s computer?? That is what I’m doing!
“My therapist told me a way to achieve inner peace was to finish things I had started.
Today I finished 2 bags of potto chips, and a chocolate cake.
I feel better already!”

9 thoughts on “Need a better wagon!

  1. Yikes, that sounds scary. I'll think positive thoughts for that server. Shouldn't he have backups?

    Anyway, sorry I missed seeing you at market, I came by but whoever I talked to about the flowers didn't know me so I didn't ask about taking photos.. But wow, those flowers were amazing.


  2. Oh, how I can relate to how you feel. Remember to BREATHE! I love the picture too and it made me smile. Hang in there and give yourself a pat on the back. You're doing a great job!!!


  3. I'll belly up to the table with you! I'll pray for the dude who fixes all things geeky. That he may have the discernment to figure out what's wrong with the server and get it going! That darn server is trying our patience!

    Actually, that looks like a picture of me!


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