Is it over yet?

What creatures do you have for Halloween this year?

We’ve got:
-an almost 3 year old Cow without a tail. He hates the tail.

-A 5 year old 1/2 Skeleton-1/2 Darth Vader. I call it a Skelevader.

-A 6 year old Dracula with glow in the dark fangs.

-An 8 year old girl Christmas Elf. Last year she was Joan of ark. (Whatever happened to being a princess?)

-A 12 year old Anorexic looking Nacho Libre. I had to make him some stretchy pants..”it’s for fun”.

-and a 14 year old I love Lucy.

I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween. I used to throw up every year because I ate too much candy (go figure).
Then I was a costumer. Halloween is Hell for those in the Costume world. I worked at a costume rental for 3 Halloween’s. PURE CONCENTRATED EVIL!

…the end.


12 thoughts on “Is it over yet?

  1. I love the original ideas! My two sons, now in Middle School, always came up with their own idea leaving it to me to execute. My all time favorite was the year they decided to be a bee and a bee keeper. Cutest 3 and 4 year old trick or treaters that year! I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your bunch next week!


  2. I OWNED a costume rental business for WAY too many years! I thought I would be working in theatre…hah…the bottom line is I ended up living for halloween because all the adults come, spend big buck to dress up, drink and puke in rented costumes! Whoo Hoo good times…NOT! We turn lights out here and hide. You'll never see black and orange decorations on my blog! But I still love great costume design….theatrical that is!


  3. I totally understand!! I worked in a Costume Shop/Rental place in Las Vegas! I hated Halloween for years after that. I was a costuming major in college and thought it would be a good job, but instead of getting the job I wanted in the sewing shop I ended up on the retail floor with all the polyester “sexy” costumes. I think I saw more fake boobs there than I have ever seen in my life. But the one good thing was the Halloween bonus! This year I'm enjoying it again, mainly because there are so many non-kitschy halloween fabrics out, giving me motivation to make cute things. Oh and having kids to dress up is fun too. My 2 year old is going to be a “baseball boy” so the baby is going to be a baseball!


  4. Too funny, you have your hands way too full! I can't believe that you threw up every halloween. Oh no!! I used to love just sorting my candy into categories. Go figure!


  5. My 4 year old hasn't decided which costume he is going to wear yet. He has several. the 7 year old is going to mix & match – some mask with horns & something black?? the almost 9 year old wants to dress in camo – which he doesn't fit into the camo pants he had – so now I need to find some & some face paint. They have off of school today – while I understand the need for the teachers to have a break. . . talk about pure evil! Is it bad if I let them play video games & watch movies all day? Hmmm. .


  6. yes, I too used to love it, when I was dressing up, but when it came to dressing 6 munchkins into something original, I about went nuts, along with carving the pumpkins and getting them a nutritious meal before they set out. Then having to accompany them when they were little. I'm glad to be an empty nester. I buy some pumpkins to set out front, no carving, and bags of tootsie rolls to hand out. I guess my favorite part is putting on a Halloween movie, like Beetlejuice or Hocus Pocus and roasting pumpkin seeds.
    Happy Halloween.


  7. 4oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh, i'm laughing so hard, remembering all my goofy kids . . . the spotted puppy dog who hated his collar and refused to wear it, so everyone thought he was a COW, and the Nacho Libre luchador with the mask made from a girls one piece swimsuit!! Had a ducky on the back of his head, that wrestler did . . .


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