Purse tutorial!

Hello Friends!
(My dh raises his eyebrows when I call you friends, but now that I have met many of you in person I know that we are REALLY friends!)
So, I forgot to mention that I have a project up on Moda Bakeshop today.
I made the bag 2 months ago, but couldn’t show you because the fabrics won’t be released until next month.

I gave this bag to my Sis-in-law for a diaper bag. It is a large bag, but it cinches in on the sides to look smaller. Go visit, and leave me a comment there so I look like I have friends.

In other exciting news. My beautiful Totally Pink Barbie has contracted a serious illness. Not a virus….worse! The hard drive DIED! They are sending me a new one in a few days. Fortunately I’ve only had her a few weeks, so she didn’t have a ton saved in her (now defunct) brain.

Guess I’d better go raid the trick-or-treat buckets while the kids are in school. I love me some Milk Duds!


17 thoughts on “Purse tutorial!

  1. My kids do the same with me about my on-lines “friends”. They scold me everytime I meet someone from Blogville!
    I have hubbie blogging too now and we went to an art show out of town to meet one of HIS “friends” the other day….heehee. I now have him addicted too! The kids told us we are stressing them out and because of this they will need therapy! Whoo Hoo…payback!


  2. hey jana 🙂

    i love visiting your blog and seeing all the fresh, pretty things. since i have yet to find a good fabric store over here in germany, i get to live vicariously through you! sure will be nice someday to be able to buy some fabric though lol. keep up the good work; you are very talented!

    suzanne (pinegar)


  3. I saw your tutorial yesterday on my visit to the bakeshop. Cute bag! Where can I score the Lola purse pattern? I want it!

    Barbies are seldom reliable. Always losing their accessorieis…shoes, purses. But they are so pretty to look at!


  4. How big is each square of the shopper? I see you cut out a 4 1/4 ” square at the corners yet I thought each of the six squares was only 5″ .. can you explain please? I'm not a quilter but love the bag and would make it of one fabric if I could figure the dimensions.


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