Rock On!

I’m working on a very cool project this week!
I belong to this group called Colton’s Angels.
Colton is my nephew that passed away almost 2 years ago. Since his passing, this group has gathered to give service to local hospitals, and to raise money for a scholarship in Colton’s name.

This year we are donating a tree, in Colton’s name, to the Festival of Trees.
Groups donate these Amazingly decorated trees for this big tree show, the trees are then auctioned off, and the proceeds are donated to the Primary Childrens Medical Center.
(Colton’s older brother Jase spent some time in Primary Children’s as a baby, so it is another charity close to our hearts.)
Colton was a genius at Guitar Hero. Really! He could play it holding the guitar behind his head. So, we choose the theme “Our Guitar Hero” for the tree.
This week, I will be working on the Quilt that will accompany the tree, and all of it’s fabulous accessories. I have all of this Rock and Roll fabric with flames, and skulls, and guitars on it.
I can’t wait!
Rock on Colton!


7 thoughts on “Rock On!

  1. Colton was the Jimmy Hendricks of Guitar Hero.
    Oh how I miss my baby brother, how can you not? He truely was the most amazing teenager, with the world on his shoulders. I am definatly looking forward to the day when I can play Guitar Hero with him again! I love you Col!!!


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