Religious Content.

I know it’s not Sunday, but I couldn’t help it….
In viewing the world and its prolems, I have often longed for the Savior to be here. I have wished for Him to bring peace to the troubled. I have wanted him to touch those that suffer from illness and make them whole. I have wanted to touch the hem of his robes.
I long for a Miracle.
Have you seen a Miracle?
I am seeing one now.
The Savior is in our lives, sending peace, healing the sick, answering prayers.
Miracles are around us still!
I am thankful for Miracles.

2 thoughts on “Religious Content.

  1. I saw a miracle last night…her name is Elizabeth and she is six days old. I found a miracle the other day…a couple who came in for a pregnancy test decided to keep this baby, after having aborted their other child seven months ago. Miracles do happen all around us…it is for us to see and believe.


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