It’s a Tradition

I love this time of year (who doesn’t?)
I love tradition!
I love the safety,
the warmth,
and the repetition of tradition.
So, now it has all begun.
Thanksgiving with the extended family.
(Imagine huge amounts of children and family).
Then. the decorating of the house. The kids get the dwonstairs tree all to themselves.
I (i know I look hot in this picture) decorate the upstairs tree which the kids quickly decide to undecorate, and redecorate 100 times before Christmas.

The morning after Thanksgiving, we stand at the Mall in the freezing cold, waiting for Santa to come in his Helicopter.
He is ALWAYS late….Grrrrrrrrr.
Then off to Krispy Kreme for donuts!!!

That night is the lighting of the trees on our city’s pond.
Cold, singing, and Santa again.
I usually get out of this one because I stay home with the baby. (I always have one)

Monday is Gingerbread Houses party at Grandma’s
and on,
and on,
and on……..
What’s your favorite family tradition?


2 thoughts on “It’s a Tradition

  1. Wow, that is quite a tradition! Santa in a helicopter? Suppose the modern Santa uses other transport. Once year we had my husband arrive in a Santa suit on a motorbike. My kids were little and LOVED it. Never knew it was Daddy. Xmas is so nice with kids. They make it extra special. Teenagers are too “wise” now and Xmas is a commercial thing with long wishlists! I do however still MAKE them help to put up the tree and I hide their presents to prolong the moment. A few years ago I made up riddles they had to solve to find their presents. It took 2 hours to find all the presents and was great fun! I might repeat that one this year. We also host a big extended family dinner on Xmas eve. Great fun!


  2. our traditions have changed over the years, but family favorites include Cookie Day, Coffee Ring Day, and Candy Day.

    one of my personal favorites is how the husband always makes the kids sing a Christmas song before they can open their presents–it's hilarious! (it was cute when they were little, but now that they're older, it's just funny!) last year, my mom and dad came for Christmas morning, and she was amazed at how willingly they posed for a family pic.

    Really, Mom, they'd jump through flaming hoops if it meant getting closer to present time!!



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