The Bailey’s

I have to tell you that I am slightly obsessed with Heather Bailey’s new collection
Nicey Jane.

It has this amazing retro look.

In the most perfect color ways.

But, even better than Nicey Jane..
Elinor Peace Bailey
(Heather’s Mother-in-law)

I was lucky enough to meet, and hug her at market.
She is an artist that I really admire.
*One reason is that she creates these beautiful dolls.
*Another-She is who she is, and she doesn’t care what other people think about it!
*She is a strong woman!
There is something about Elinor Peace Bailey that reminds me of the picture of “Lola” that I have always had in my head. The Lola that I want to grow up to be. She has pink hair too!
Thanks Bailey ladies
for the inspiration!

6 thoughts on “The Bailey’s

  1. oh yes I love it too! just got myself some jolly packs and fat quarter packs from fat quarter shop for Christmas!!!!! I can't wait! She does the best girly girl ranges and her MIL looks like a hoot! I don't think you'd have a boring time if she was around!

    great blog and love your patterns! Just placed my first order for them and can't wait till they arrive in Oz.



  2. I am so jealous that I was not there to be in that pic. That fabric is so fab and so Nicey. Perfect name for it don't you think. Thank you, Thank you for the yummy bread for today that was too sweet of you. I have the best fristers in the world.


  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog, I am so glad that your little one liked the rocket!
    I made a couple of smaller versions of it and my 3-year-old likes to play super rocket catch with it.


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