Story and a Prize

Friday night was our Ward (Church) Christmas Party. As we were getting ready to load up the Suburban I decided to have a chat with the boys.
More like a preemptive strike.
” Boys, tonight when we are finished eating dinner, and before the program starts…
You know..When all of the other kids are being naughty and running around all through the church, and their parents aren’t paying any attention to the destruction they are causing, and the other people without kids are getting really annoyed…
you will stay in your chairs at the table an be nice.”
Immediatley my 6 year old starts crying. No, it was more of a loud wail.
“But then it will be boring, and we won’t get to have any fun! I dont’ wanna go the the party.”
We did manage to keep them at the table the whole night. They still managed to get into plenty of trouble anyway. They had a good time!
Because you were nice, and listened to my stupid story, I’ll let you go over to
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8 thoughts on “Story and a Prize

  1. I have had that conversation a time or two. And if you ever need a volunteer to try out your patterns, let me know. I have been following Izzy and Ivy, and Gracie Lou's. You have always inspired me.


  2. It's so boring to be good! What a mean mommy you are.

    My mother used to drag us out to the car when her evil glares didn't make us shut up and behave in church. She wouldn't actually beat us right there in the church parking lot, but we shaped up!


  3. You are a mean parent…. that is what I would have been told by a little 8 year old here at my house. No running around acting like idiots? So not fair. I am actually really impressed you thought of it beforehand.


  4. As the person in charge of those ward parties, I heartily thank you for keeping an eye on your kids. (But I have to say, yelling at those kids to get off the stage really helped relieve my stress!)


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