Teacher Gifties?

If Lola was a school teacher do you know what she would want her students to bring her as gifts?

Decadent Chocolates….
or a lovely little bauble from Tiffany’s

Maybe even these Christian Louboutin Feather and Satin Pumps.


Lola is a Housewife!

Now, what should I do for my kids teachers? I owe them BIG!

Don’t forget the giveaway


10 thoughts on “Teacher Gifties?

  1. Oh!! Have the child write a thank you letter to the teacher, saying what they enjoyed learning this year. I know that sometimes a sweet note/letter is so much more meaningful than a item. As the Christmas saying goes “Remember This December, That love weighs more than gold”


  2. Here are my two ideas.

    The first is what I make for tutors, bus drivers etc. I buy the little bags of soft peppermint sticks from Walmart. I decorate them with ribbons or a simple little fabric bag that I make, then I print up a card with this wonderful recipe on it,


    So far it's been a big hit.

    The second thing I've done for teachers is make these adorable apple shaped bags filled with mulled cider spices. I put them in a little basket with oranges, and a few other little treats like cookies or candy.



  3. My sister teaches pre-school and one of the favorite gifts among her and her fellow teachers is gift cards–for bookstores, Starbuck's, and such. They trade them with each other–my sister doesn't drink coffee, so she trades those for bookstores, etc.


  4. My husbands favorite things so far in his 6 years of teaching: Super yummy caramel corn, itunes gift cards, gift cards to some local diners, and Mountain Dew. He could care less about anything cute or crafty.


  5. I taught for 8 years.

    GIFT CARDS! I loved any kind, like for the mall, a certain store, itunes, starbucks (fabulous hot chocolate too!), and staples or any office supply store.

    I really liked receiving gift bags full of fun supplies that we don't get very often, like our OWN ream of colored paper, good/colorful white board markers, cutesey paperclips (female teachers only!), cleaners and sanitizers, etc.

    I really didn't like getting chocolates–we just get so much sugar from everyone else–unless it was HIGH quality, like Sees or something European. I also didn't like mugs, jewelry, smelly stuff (lotions, candles, etc), and stuffed animals. Sorry if that sounds ungrateful, just trying to help!

    The best thing was a hand-written letter/card from the student even if there was no gift attached. I saved so many of those!


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