Gnome- baby

My Sister-in-law doesn’t let me tend her baby girl very often.
I’m not sure why……

I made her this cute outfit tonight!
Isn’t she a cute little gnome?
She didn’t seem to like it though.
What do you do with your brothers kids when you tend?

8 thoughts on “Gnome- baby

  1. I love that photo!! I wish I lived close enough to both of my brothers so I could tend. My younger brother lives in China and they just had their first and my older brother lives 3 hours away. Funny, both brothers have young kids, mine are teens. They started in their forties. I guess I started young. Although, I am only 23…


  2. Well, I think she's just precious!

    We delivered the small children of friends to their fancy hotel once, after gelling their hair into mohawks. The friends were not amused.


  3. My brothers live too far away so I don't get to play with their kiddos very often BUT I did send a particularly creative Christmas gift to my nephews who share a bathroom – a shower gel dispenser shaped like a nose, complete with green shower gel! Oh, he's gonna hate me…


  4. This looks like a picture for the wedding slide show! Make sure to set it aside now. Let's see this is dating me it's not slide shows now it's “power point”.
    Hope you had a Wonderful Christmas with all the merry little helpers in your house. My youngest is 18 as of this month. Guess what I did this morning? SLEPT IN!!! Jealous?


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