The Herdman Nativity?

Like a scene from “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever “-
was our Nativity at the Christmas Eve Eve party.
1/2 of the kids in this picture are mine.
My 3 year old refused to join in the fun.
The Wise-teens were wearing their finest Burger King crowns.
The Angels donned Grandpas Sunday shirts…..backwards,
and the Shepherd and Joseph cloaked in Dad’s bathrobe from the 70’s
The sweetness of this little ones face made the whole thing like a bit of heaven to me.
The teens goofing off made it…well, you know!
Merry Christmas, and Happy Celebration to you all!


12 thoughts on “The Herdman Nativity?

  1. I giggled when I read the title of the post and saw the photo…I was Imogene in the 4th grade presentation of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever….ahhh the memories…

    Merry Christmas to your beautiful family. And a joyous and wonderful new year!!


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