Training for Competition

I got this baby for Christmas from Lego Hair Man.
Previously- I owned a basic cell…
(.almost like the Jitterbug)
There has been a HUGE learning curve (ha ha! It’s a Blackberry Curve)
and I have been in Text Training.
Tonight I was texting with a friend.
I’d have to say that it was difficult, and left me tired.
Trying to keep up with the speed of her texts was exhausting. She would send 3 while I was typing the answer to the first one.
She is a texting genius!

9 thoughts on “Training for Competition

  1. I'm learning how to text on my phone, too!! I'm so used to hitting numbers on the actual buttons, that typing using a touch screen only is a little trickier. I blame my thumbs, they're too big for the small area on the touch screen.


  2. oh, please. i can text, “we r here” (translation: get out to the car now, it's cold and i'm not waiting in this parking lot/driveway one more second.)

    that's about it. my friends don't even have my cell number, because if you aren't bleeding, you'd better not call

    but oh my gosh, your header du jour is hilarious!

    can you sing the theme song?


  3. Wetting my pants over that header !!!! …..and re: texting — I have been instructed by the teenagers but now they tell my I'm not supposed to write out numbers (like “five” instead of 5 ) but nobody has the patience to further my education on this matter …. so they're JUST gonna have to WAIT a stinkin' minute until I laboriously WRITE out “get your butt home by eleven ” ….. wouldn't it be just as fast to call them?????


  4. Girl, I can totally relate to this.. I have a Tracfone.. you know, pay as you go.. It's the one you give to your kids incase of an emergency. I can even tell you the #.. and texting..forget it!


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