Quilting my heart

My very first memory of quilting is playing under the quilt frame “Hut” while my Grandma, mom, and aunts were quilting my uncle’s wedding quilt.
Grandma had given me a very important job. She had quilted her fingers raw, and occasionally left spots of blood on the bottom of the quilt. I got to crawl around underneath and wipe the stains away. I thought it was really cool!
The best part was laying on my back.
looking up at the patterns the stitches were making,

7 thoughts on “Quilting my heart

  1. We did that too, while my mom, grandma, and aunt quilted a comforter for my mom's bed. I remember because they would let us help a little by doing a few stitches, and then they'd send us off to watch Anne of Green Gables or the really old version of Prince Caspian and/or the Voyage of the Dawn Treader on PBS. 🙂


  2. I used to play under my grandma's quilt frame, too! She lived far away, so I didn't get to do it often, but I well remember seeing the ladies all sitting around it and sewing and talking. I'm sure it was the only ladies' social life they had.


  3. that is a wonderful memory!

    we have my grandma's quilt frame, and some of her quilts, but i do not recall her actually quilting.

    i cannot for the life of me quilt using a frame . . .


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