The Appliances have ears.

I spent most of the day, Saturday, google-ing this little baby.
It is the Bamboo Fun tablet.
I want it REALLY bad.
I started talking to Lego Hair Man about the benefits of having this in our home,
and the joy it would bring me….
and that maybe it would help me make money….
He surprised me by saying, “Let’s go take a look at it on Friday.”
In Jeff-speak that means we’ll buy it Friday.
Sadly, the Garage door opener overheard our conversation.
He is 10 years old, noisy, cranky, and temperamental.
This morning, he refused to open, or close the garage door.

The garage door fixer-guys came over to make a diagnosis.
Shot gears on an OLD machine.
The cost to fix it was only a little less than the cost to replace.
So today
I got a Garage Door opener (a really nice one)
instead of a tablet.
The moral of the story is-
Never talk in front of your appliances. They will seek revenge!
(don’t tell them I said anything.)


15 thoughts on “The Appliances have ears.

  1. I've been looking at the Wacom tablets for a very long time and I, too, want one badly. The Home Depot guy said they don't carry them anymore, as they weren't selling. But I still want one!

    Hey, you're preaching to the choir! My washing machine heard me planning some new purchases and died last week. Just as fast as an old widower finds a new wife, I went out and bought another washing machine.


  2. Oh so true! We said little to nothing before purchasing our first flat screen TV prior to Christmas. Of course, the other TVs couldn't do much as their blowing up would have just cemented our “need” for a new one. I think the other appliances are actually kind of happy to have a screen they can see! Tee hee!


  3. Aw, so sorry! Same thing with furniture. Our couches had seen us taking measurements for a new dining room table and now they've decided to start letting their seams split. GAH! I need two years to save up for couches!


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