Got the news today that our friend, driver, translator, and protector while in Haiti-
Franz Denis and his family are alive!!!
Finally some good news!
Still searching Earthquake photos, message boards, and lists for-
Yvronne Jean and her 4 children with the last name Florville
This is a picture of the first time we met her. That little Chunk-muffin she’s holding is our son Taylor (Emmanual Jean) Nielson.
Such a beautiful and strong woman. I love her. I am worried about her and her children.
We are also still waiting for information about-
“Nasson” Cherystal Jean-Dimy (cousin) and his mother,
Garfield Titus (friend) and his family.


11 thoughts on “Denis

  1. Wonderful! Hoping the others are ok and just lost in the crowd. I have been watching CNN since this morning. My BIL is or will soon be there with a unit out of Ft. Bragg. My prayers are being said


  2. Such good news!

    Hoss and I were watching the news last night. They said there were 400,000+ orphans in Haiti-I can't remember if that was before or after the earthquake. Heartbreaking!

    How do you think this will effect the Haitian adoption process?


  3. Well, thank goodness for SOME good news. Still praying for you to find the rest of the family. Hugs to Tay-tor. What a precious little (well, not SO little!) bundle he was back then!


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