Advice Please.

As you may have already heard,
I am going on a cruise in a couple of weeks.
I have never been on a cruise.
We have never left all of our kids for this length of time.
I will be teaching a quilt to a group of ladies on the cruise.
I want them to like me, so I have gathered lots of prizes for them.
What are some good games (not Twister) that we can play for prizes?
What should we do in Puerto Vallarta? Mazatlan?Cabo?
advise me….please!

18 thoughts on “Advice Please.

  1. I have never been on a boat cruise (not crazy about so much water!) or to any of those places you mentioned, so no advice from me on that. However, I can share the games I even enjoy playing now on holidays with the kids or with friends. Cards. Remains popular with everyone. I also still like musical chairs. Great fun! Charades (I think that's how you spell it?) also remains popular. I prefer the action games myself. I hope you enjoy your trip! Sounds like great fun!


  2. Cruises are just so much fun!! You are going to have a blast. The best piece of advice it to just relax and be yourself. You and everyone you are with will have a great time. No worries.


  3. I love, love, love going on cruises. I am just really really jealous. Everyone will just love you even without prizes or games. And your kids will be just fine. Just enjoy yourself


  4. I'm a huge fan of human bingo! You make bingo sheets (a 5 x 5 grid) and put in different characteristics/things people have done in each square. (Typically, I've seen this done with things like “speaks a foreign language” or “Is left-handed”.) The group is given time to mix and mingle with each other and they need to have a person who fits that description sign in their box. First person to get bingo (straight line, full card, etc. – your choice) wins! You could do it with quilt related descriptors too!


  5. Try to see the dolphins in Cabo, you can swim with them for a fee. Great experience if you have never done that before. Otherwise Cabo is just like all the other towns, nice beach, decent water and lots of people selling trinkets.
    I think the game of “human bingo” sounds like a lot of fun, a great ice breaker for the first day.


  6. I went on my first cruise last year and loved it. You will have so much fun. But we didn't go to your locations so I can't give you any advise on that.

    Always an easy game is guess how many items (buttons, pins) are in the jar.


  7. Take a waterproof disposable camera! Made a world of difference for us.

    You can play bingo with quilt blocks or quilting terms. Or give ladies random pieces of fabric squares, triangles,etc.), call out a name for a quilt pattern, and the prize goes to the first person to replicate it.


  8. Cabo…You can hang upside down in many of the restaurants while drinking tequila and have your picture taken to take home and share with your children.
    You can poke your head into Cabo Wabo and see if Sammy Hagar is singing…or better yet, still alive!
    PV….You can ride the “Banana” boats, parachutte glide, and take a boat to Yulapa and hike to the waterfall. (It's walkable…not that far. Don't let them fool you into taking a horse).
    Go to the resturant that “Night of the Iguana” was filmed and watch the movie while eating nachos in the bar (it's cheaper that way). You'll come home with moracca's for your hubbie! (Once you watch the movie you'll understand).
    Have a great time!


  9. How exciting! I don't know about what games to offer, but everyone loves to win a prize!
    You'll have plenty to do at all your ports, and just not enough time to do it. At PV you can take a ride to MisMalaya to Chico's Paradise and do the zip line, have lunch and watch the cliff diver.
    At Mazatlan we ate at a place called Mr. Tony's and it was great.
    In Cabo you should really go snorkeling, and go see lovers beach.
    There are beautiful beaches at all of your ports.
    Have a great time!


  10. theres not to many things that I love more than cruising. Of choose I love my family more than anything. But could cruise my life away. So why don't you take me with you and I will take care of the cames. You know it sounds tempting.


  11. You must go on a Canopy/ATV tour in Puerto Vallarta. It is one of the scariest but funnest things I have ever done. Flying through the trees dangling from only a hook is Awesome! Then go to the Shrimp Factory for lunch after! Yum!


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