More people like…..

Remember when TV was innocent, and made you feel good?

I miss Mr. Rogers!


10 thoughts on “More people like…..

  1. I do remember that time! Nowadays I rarely watch TV as there is so much crap on it. In fact, I can still swallow the crap, what gets me is starting to watch a movie at 7pm and it starts with an explicit bedroom scene! The violence is also so graphic. I cannot bear to watch it. That's why I stick to romantic comedies and comedies. Nothing like a good laugh or cry…


  2. I should not admit this but my mom told me when I was a child I always cried when Mr. Rogers show was over. I miss him too, and I miss the old episodes of Sesame Street. Psst, hey you kid, you wanna buy a letter!!!


  3. After my nephew was in E.T., he traveled all over and met lots of famous people, including Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana and Charles at a Palace screening. Of everybody he met, his favorite was Mr. Rogers!


  4. Fred Rogers was such a special man. I live near Pittsburgh, the place where he lived and shot his show. My college roommate, who is from Pittsburgh, told me that when she was little, she told her mom that she was afraid that Mr. Rogers was going to die soon because he was so old (this was 30 years ago). Somehow, her mom got word of this to Mr. Rogers, who shortly afterward filmed a series of episodes about death, where I believe his goldfish died. I know that I will always be grateful to him for another reason – his ability to make people of any age feel better. When my 44-year-old mother was dying of cancer, I would often notice her watching Mr. Rogers. I am glad that even when we were not at home with her, someone was there, telling her that he cared about her.


  5. Is the Mister Rogers show on TV anywhere now? I would hate to think that today's children don't get his wisdom.

    By the way, if you really are wondering about his changing clothes, he said it was to show the kids that he was coming in from the “real world” to the “tv world.” He was always so careful about letting the kids know what was make-believe and what was real.


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